Warehouse Management System

Competitive businesses need their warehouses and distribution centers to move information as efficiently as they move goods. Our Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) keeps their logistics moving and prevents costly delays by ensuring the flow of information needed to manage the flow of goods. Our WMS solutions help our customers to overcome the complex challenges of fulfillment. The Windows based solution offers high-performance execution and can be scaled to accommodate the demands of small and mid-size warehouses and distribution centers.

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Key issues are listed below, more technical details can be found here.

Business benefits

  • Proven track record

  • Low risk implementation

  • Increases efficiency

  • Improved flexibility to meet the business needs

Key features

  • All logistical functions in a comprehensive application
  • Standard proven interface to WCS system by generating missions
  • Can be used as middleware to other vendor ERP / WMS system
  • Status reports
  • Semi-automatic control
  • Priority, alarm and message handling
  • Error handling with Cause and Effect help
  • Warehouse lay-out visualization
  • Available in English, German, French, Dutch
  • Keyboard and mouse-control of the menus

Our WMS runs in a Windows environment and is completely menu controlled. The control screens are provided with on-line help functions. It can be operated both by mouse and keyboard.

Possible database systems

  • MS-Access

  • MS SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • Progress


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