In logistics continuity goes above everything. Therefore our support options are developed to keep your logistics move, or get them moving as quickly as possible again. To guarantee a quick response is case your continuity is in jeopardy we offer the following support options;

To get the most out of our solutions your personal has to be able to get answers to their questions. These answers can be found at our helpdesk. A helpdesk contract gives you free and direct access to our helpdesk. If made technically possible our helpdesk employee might even assist you with remote access to your system to help you do your learning or problem fixing.

ICT technology develops every day. What cannot be imaged now might even be the standard of the future. To ensure that your system keeps up in line with the technology standards of tomorrow you will need to receive patches, upgrades and updates. A maintenance contract gives you the right to receive these patches and updates for free.

Combined helpdesk/maintenance-contract
The combined helpdesk/maintenance contract simply gives you al the combined rights and benefits of a single helpdesk-contract and a single maintenance contract at a better price.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our support options so you can pick what guarantees your continuity best.


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